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The USS Halibut in the Submarine Hall of Fame



USS Halibut Veteran's Association

Two Boats Veteran's Page

"G" Boat and Regulus Pages

,Regulus Memorial Bowfikn Park


In Memoriam

In Memoriam

USS Halibut Shipmates who have "Crossed the Bar"

The New SSGN Web Page

The first SSGN submarine was the nuclear powered USS Halibut SSG(N) 587. This boat- with her single 110 man crew- set standards of excellence and endurance, to which future SSGN's may only aspire.
To them: Godspeed and Good Hunting

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The Regulus - SSGN 587 - SSN 587
Virtual Monument

Artifacts Collection and Preservation Project

USS Halibut Reunion Archives

USS Halibut 2016 Reunion Venue TBD

USS Halibut and Relevant Links

USS Halibut Sailing List


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